Pinelake Madison Student Worship is accepting all auditions for student band and vocals in 7th-12th grade via video submissions. We are ready to welcome new musicians to the team. We are excited to see your videos! Instructions are below!


Students interested in serving in production need only to fill out the form below (minus Youtube links).


We will review your forms and videos (musicians) and give you a call the week of September 5th for next steps.

Audition Submission Instructions


Download the audition materials here, read the instructions (below the form), and practice so you know and can deliver the material from memory.


Upload your video via Youtube. Under privacy settings, select "Unlisted". Title the video with “[Your Name] - Pinelake Madison”.


Submit your audition by filling out the Audition Form. Include the YouTube link to your video(s) on the form. Feel free to submit other videos of yourself as well.


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Please complete the form below

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A few sentences about who you are and how you got here.
Band, vocals, and production included
If you'd like to audition for two positions (for instance: vocal & guitar OR keys & bass), please submit videos for both.
Audition links
Please include private links to youtube videos (see instructions above) if auditioning for VOCALS or BAND. This section is not required for students applying for production positions.

Helpful Links & Tips


  • “Bigger Than I Thought”

    • Please learn like this video.

      • Feel free to simplify to a single-note line in right hand if octaves are difficult.

      • Only play piano part. Not necessary to include background synthesizer stuff as they do in the video.

    • You can look at and/or purchase sheet music for the song if that is helpful. Get that here.

  • “Here’s To the One”

    • learn the simple repeated synth line. It is a simple descending, 4-note line. Focus on rhythm of it. You can play on a synth or simply on piano. We’re just looking to see if you can learn the notes and the rhythm.

Electric Guitar:

Acoustic Guitar:

  • On both of the songs, we encourage you to learn the chords, but focus more on getting the right hand strumming feel to match the demos, playin in time and with the same feel of the drums.


  • “Bigger Than I Thought”

    • There are videos on Youtube that will be helpful. There is not one in particular we endorse.

  • For both songs, focus on locking to the drums and the click.


  • For both songs, determine if the high, original, or low key fits your voice best. For both songs, use the one that works best for your voice.

  • “Bigger Than I Thought”

    • Listen to the original on Apple Music or Spotify to get a good sense of the feel and emotion of the song. Sing melody and deliver it from a heart of worship.

  • “Here’s To the One”

    • Sing harmony on the choruses. Sing melody in the range that fits your voice on the verses.

Please reach out to with any questions about any of the auditions!